Patterned Moroccan Handcrafted Accent Wall Lamp

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Brass Wall Lamp

This pretty Moroccan style wall lamp is a sconce light. It is made of brass and is completely handcrafted. The patterns and windows for the light to shine through are very small, which form delicate and elaborate designs on your walls when the lamp is switched on.

The entire lamp is made of yellow brass, which makes it look delicate and beautiful even when the lamp is switched off.

When switched on, it gives out a diffused warm light that is pleasing and muted. A very minimalistic lamp for those of you looking for something subtle for your home. 

Measures: 14.5" X 14.5"

  • Accommodates 2 bulbs of E26 base , Max Wattage: 100w each
  • Hardwired, ready to be installed , UL Listed
Decoration Style: Moroccan, Boho, Turkish, Farmhouse
Material : Solid Brass
Available Colors : Silver, Gold, Black, Bronze
Lighting Style : Pendant Lamp, Lights Fixture, Chandelier
Suitable for : Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Entryway , Hallway, Foyer, Porch
Interior Design : Residential, Commercial