Story of your Moroccan Lamp. Each Moroccan Lamp you buy from Ekenoz has a journey.

It starts first as a sheet of brass. Then it undergoes a long process that involves Turning, heating, filing, soldering, hammering, shaping and finally plating.

Some designs will involve glass inserts which each of those elements goes through its own journey as well.

At the end of it journey it finds a home of its own in your home.

So let me introduce you to the people who accompany your Moroccan Lamp as it transforms from a sheet of brass to the work of art you buy.



That is Mahmud a Lathing worker. His job is to shave, file, and shape brass using a Turning Machine. Mahmud has over 10 years’ experience in his filed. He creates all the interesting shapes for our Moroccan lamps.



Mohammed El Said is a master lather he has been doing that work for 22 years and he inherited his skills from his father and grandfather. He is the most senior in the workshop by experience.

Mohammed says “I love how I can turn the brass into shapes”.




Ahmed Arafa has been in the industry for 40 years. Ahmed job is soldering the brass pieces together.



El Haj Shabaan is yet another experienced and integral worker in our workshop. His job is to file and beat the brass and make sure the soldering parts are not showing anymore and that the brass piece is uniform.



El Nems and he have 32 years of experience. His does the embellishing work on the brass. He uses a tool with a pointy edge to do all his work. Its amazing what he can do with such a simple tool creating such beautiful art.



Mohammed Ali : responsible for piercing or drilling, makes 1000's of drills so the Lamp reflects awesome shades.



Amm Arabii 40 years’ experience in the field. His work involves filling and forming or the brass lamps to give them their final shape. Also he is our quality control monitor in the workshop.


The final step in our lamps journey the plating station, here the lamps get their silver, black or antique gold color. Then we apply a colourless protective coat to protect our lamps from tarnishing so you can enjoy them for years to come.