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Fun Facts about Chandeliers (and why you've gotta own them!)

Posted by Hussein Gouda on

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Chandeliers, the decorative light fittings that are hung from the ceiling, have been gracing the homes of royalty since the Middle Ages. The term chandelier is derived from an old Latin word “candelabrum”, which means candlestick. Not surprising therefore, that chandeliers were used in the Middle Ages to hold candles.

Here are some fun facts about these gorgeous pieces of home décor:

-Historically, they have been a status symbol and were exclusive to the royalty and the higher classes.

-French ruler Louis XIV is known for his extensive collection of courtly chandeliers in his Versailles palace.

-Authentic chandeliers from the Middle Ages were mostly destroyed in the reformation movements of the 1500s. The few that exist today can be found in hung in churches.

-World's largest chandelier stands 19 feet tall, measures 41 feet in width and weighs 39,683 lb. Named the “Reflective Flow”, it holds a whopping 165,000 lights (LEDs). You can find it hanging in the atrium of a Doha office building of the Al Hitmi Group in Qatar.

-Another world-famous chandelier is the one gracing the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. A present from Queen Victoria, the chandelier weighs close to 4,000 lb and holds 750 lamps. The palace has other exquisite chandeliers as well.

Moroccan chandeliers are the best of the bunch!

And that's why you've just got to own them. What is grace and grandeur if not a Moroccan chandelier, danging elegantly and casting mystical light shadows and maze patterns on the walls in all its majesty? Handcrafted, bedecked and ornamented with colorful glass and precious stones, they are the perfect way to decorate and light your home.

The glass and the crystal are not just for decoration mind you. They have been added to Moroccan chandeliers since the early times for a very scientific reason – the dispersion and subsequent reflection of light throughout the house. So decorate, illuminate and add a touch of royalty to your abode with Moroccan chandeliers! You won't regret it.

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