Create a Bohemian Living Room with Style and Flair!

18th Oct 2023

Are you looking for ways to bring a unique and inviting atmosphere into your living room? Boho decorating is the perfect way to do just that! With its focus on comfort, color, and patterns, boho style will instantly transform any space. From adding lighting fixtures with Moroccan influence to picking out textiles in bright colors - it's all about creating an eclectic mix of elements that make up the bohemian look. Let us show you how easy it can be to create a boho-inspired living room from scratch. Read on for tips on selecting furniture, choosing hues and shades for walls and floors, plus ideas for accessorizing your new space!

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Boho Lighting

Types of Boho Lighting

Boho lighting is a great way to add a unique and stylish touch to your living room. There are many different types of boho lighting available, from floor lamps to hanging pendants. Floor lamps can be used for ambient or task lighting, while pendant lights can provide more focused light in specific areas. Wall sconces are also popular for adding an extra layer of illumination and atmosphere to any space.

Benefits of Boho Lighting

One of the main benefits of using boho-style lighting is that it adds character and personality to your home decor. The eclectic style allows you to mix different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes together for a truly unique look that will stand out in any room. Additionally, boho-style lighting often uses natural materials like wood or rattan which helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Where To Buy Boho Lighting

When shopping for boho-style lighting, there are plenty of options available both online and offline. Online retailers such as Etsy offer handmade pieces with unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. If you prefer brick-and-mortar stores, then check out local furniture shops or antique stores where you may find vintage pieces with interesting details that will bring an old world charm to your home decorating scheme.

Boho lighting adds a unique, stylish touch to any living room. Now let's explore the different types of boho decor that can help you create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

Boho Furniture

Boho furniture is a great way to add an eclectic and unique look to your living room. There are many different types of boho furniture available, each with its own distinct style and charm. From rustic wood pieces to colorful patterned upholstery, there’s something for everyone when it comes to boho decorating.

Types of Boho Furniture: When it comes to boho furniture, the possibilities are endless! You can find everything from traditional wooden chairs and tables to bright velvet couches or intricately carved armoires. Many people opt for mismatched pieces that create a fun and eclectic atmosphere in their home. Other popular options include macrame hanging chairs, rattan ottomans, kilim rugs, vintage leather sofas, wicker baskets, and even bohemian-style tapestries!

Benefits of Boho Furniture: One of the main benefits of using boho furniture is that it adds a unique touch to any space without being too overwhelming or garish. It also allows you to express yourself through your choice of colors and patterns while still maintaining an overall cohesive look in your home. Additionally, since most pieces are made from natural materials like wood or cotton fabrics they tend be more durable than other types of furniture which makes them perfect for busy households with kids or pets running around!

If you are looking for quality boho furniture at an affordable price, then online stores such as Etsy or Wayfair have plenty of options available. Additionally, local thrift stores and antique shops may provide a unique piece that cannot be found elsewhere. Flea markets can also be a great place to find items that won't break the bank.

Boho furniture is a great way to bring a unique, eclectic style into your home. Now let's look at how Moroccan lighting and lamps can add the perfect finishing touch to any boho-inspired living room.

Key Takeaway: Boho furniture is a great way to add an eclectic and unique look to your living room. There are many different types of boho furniture available, from traditional wooden pieces to colorful patterned upholstery, which can be found online or at local thrift stores and antique shops. Boho furniture provides a unique touch without being too overwhelming while also being durable enough for busy households with kids or pets.

Color Palette for a Bohemian Living Room

When it comes to creating a bohemian living room, you want to choose colors that are warm and inviting. Think earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. You can also add in some brighter hues such as turquoise or magenta for an extra pop of color. If you're feeling adventurous, try adding in a few jewel-toned shades like emerald green or sapphire blue for an even bolder look.

Combining Colors for Maximum Impact: To create maximum impact with your boho living room color palette, combine different shades of the same hue together. For example, pair light pink with fuchsia and salmon pink for a subtle yet vibrant effect. Or mix bright reds with deep burgundies and maroons to create a more dramatic atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try out different combinations until you find one that works best for your space.

Once you have chosen your colors and created your perfect palette, there are still some things you can do to make sure your boho living room is truly inviting. Firstly, ensure that all of the colors work well together by using accent pieces throughout the space that tie them all together; think throw pillows or wall art featuring both lighter and darker shades from within the same color family. Secondly, don't forget about texture! Incorporate fabrics such as velvet or silk into furniture pieces or curtains to add depth and interest without overwhelming the eye with too much color at once. Finally, have fun - the beauty of bohemian decorating is its ability to embrace creativity so don't be afraid to take risks when it comes time to accessorize.

By choosing the right colors, combining them for maximum impact, and following a few tips to create an inviting space with color, you can easily achieve a beautiful bohemian living room. Now let's move on to furniture selection for this style of decorating.

Key Takeaway: When decorating a boho living room, choose warm and inviting colors such as earthy tones, jewel-tones, and brighter hues. Combine different shades of the same hue together for maximum impact. Incorporate texture through fabrics to add depth and interest without overwhelming the eye with too much color at once. Have fun when accessorizing - bohemian decorating is all about embracing creativity!

Textiles and Accessories for a Bohemian Living Room

Choosing the Right Textiles and Accessories: When it comes to creating a bohemian living room, textiles and accessories are key. Choose items that reflect your personal style, such as bright colors, bold patterns, or natural materials like cotton or jute. Consider adding rugs for warmth and texture; macrame wall hangings for visual interest; pillows in different shapes and sizes for comfort; throws to add color and texture; curtains to soften the space; tapestries with intricate designs to bring in an ethnic vibe.

Combining Textiles and Accessories for Maximum Impact: The trick is not to overdo it – too many pieces can make a room look cluttered. Instead of having all one type of textile or accessory, mix them up! Try combining different textures like velvet cushions with woolen throws or woven baskets with macrame wall hangings. If you’re using prints, try mixing small-scale prints with large-scale ones so they don’t compete against each other. Finally, use pops of color throughout the room by incorporating brightly colored pillows or blankets into neutral spaces.

To create a cozy atmosphere in your bohemian living room, layer multiple types of textiles on top of each other. Throw blankets can be draped over couches or chairs and paired with patterned cushions for added comfort. Poufs can also be placed around the space to provide extra seating options as well as decorative pieces. For lighting, opt for unique lamps made from natural materials such as wood or rattan that will give off a warm glow when lit up at night time.

The right textiles and accessories can be used to create a unique bohemian living room that will make your guests feel comfortable and inspired. Now let's explore how Moroccan style lighting & lamps can be incorporated into the mix for maximum impact.

Key Takeaway: When decorating a bohemian living room, it's important to choose textiles and accessories that reflect your personal style. Layer multiple types of textiles for maximum impact and combine different textures like velvet cushions with woolen throws or woven baskets with macrame wall hangings. Add pops of color throughout the space by incorporating brightly colored pillows or blankets into neutral spaces, and use unique lamps made from natural materials to create a cozy atmosphere.

Finishing Touches for a Bohemian Living Room

Adding wall art and decorations is an important part of finishing a bohemian living room. Incorporate pieces that reflect your style, such as vintage posters or photographs, abstract paintings, tapestries, and woven wall hangings. To create a cohesive look in the space, choose colors that complement each other and use different textures to add depth. Consider adding some unique items like dream catchers or macramé for a boho-chic touch.

Incorporating plants into your design scheme can bring life to any room while also helping purify the air. Choose plants with lush foliage like ferns or palms for maximum impact. Place them strategically around the room so they stand out but don’t overwhelm it – near windowsills or on shelves are great options! If you don’t have much natural light available in your home, opt for low-maintenance succulents instead which thrive even in indirect sunlight.

Finally, tips for creating an inviting space with finishing touches include using soft lighting sources such as candles or string lights to set a cozy atmosphere; displaying collections of books and trinkets on open shelves; arranging furniture around conversation areas; layering rugs over carpets; hanging curtains from floor to ceiling; and choosing comfortable seating options like cushions and poufs that invite people to sit down and relax. With these ideas in mind, you can create a beautiful bohemian living room perfect for entertaining guests.

By adding Moroccan style lighting and lamps, as well as incorporating plants and wall art into your design scheme, you can create a bohemian living room that is inviting and unique. Next up: creating the perfect ambiance with furniture and accessories.

FAQs in Relation to Boho Decorating Living Room

How do I decorate my living room boho style?

A boho style living room is all about creating a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Start by incorporating natural elements like wood and rattan furniture, layered rugs, and plenty of plants. Add in Moroccan-style lighting to create an ambient glow that will make the space feel cozy. Incorporate texture with woven baskets, macrame wall hangings, and poufs for seating. Finally, add pops of color with bright pillows or throws to complete the look!

How do you make a living room boho?

To create a boho living room, start by adding natural textures and colors. Incorporate rattan furniture, woven rugs, wood accents, and potted plants to give the space an earthy feel. For lighting, opt for Moroccan style lamps with intricate designs that bring warmth and character to the room. Add pops of color with throw pillows or blankets in vibrant hues like pink or orange. Finally, accessorize with wall art and mirrors to complete the look. With these elements combined you can easily transform your living room into a cozy bohemian retreat!

What is boho look living room?

Boho look living rooms are characterized by a relaxed, eclectic style that combines vintage and modern elements. They often feature bright colors, natural materials such as wood and rattan, plush textiles like velvet or cotton, and global-inspired accents like kilim rugs or Moroccan lanterns. This type of decor creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages conversation and comfort while also making a statement with its unique design. Boho living rooms are perfect for those who want to express their individual style without sacrificing comfort.

What are the colors of boho?

The colors of boho style vary greatly, but typically include earthy tones such as browns, tans, and creams. Bright pops of color are also common in this style with bold hues like reds, oranges, blues and greens. Metallic accents can be found in golds and silvers to add a touch of glamour to the look. Finally, neutrals like black and white provide contrast for the other colors while still maintaining an overall relaxed feel. All these colors come together to create a unique yet cohesive aesthetic that is perfect for Moroccan lighting & lamps!


Creating a boho living room is all about expressing your unique style and personality. With the right lighting, furniture, color palette, textiles and accessories you can create an inviting atmosphere that will make your home stand out from the rest. Don't forget to add those finishing touches like plants or wall art to complete the look of your boho decorating living room!

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