Moroccan Lighting Pendants & Lanterns To Brighten Up Your Home

4th Oct 2013

Moroccan lights are revered for their decorative design and brilliant color. There are many places in your home where you can add colorful Moroccan lanterns. A breakfast nook or intimate dining area would be an ideal location for a Moroccan lantern. The suspension of an intricately detailed lantern with colorful cut glass designs would add elegance to your dining space.

Moroccan lanterns could be used in a foyer or living room to add artistic interest and color to the frequently used neutrals that dominant a modern or contemporary decor. If you aren’t quite ready to bring in a mixture of colors to your decor, you can still take advantage of the regal beauty and richness of a Moroccan lantern. Instead of selecting a lantern for it’s color quality, make your selection based on the interesting shape and immensely attractive detailing included in the lantern design.

If you want to create a romantic or luxuriously relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, Moroccan candle lanterns are an ideal lighting choice. You can find designs with colored glass such as deep rich blue, passionate red or serene amber. These lanterns could be the quickest, easiest and most budget-friendly was to increase the level of elegance in your bathroom. They can also add ambiance to a bedroom decor.

When considering the addition of Moroccan lights to your home, pendant lights should be at the top of your priority list. Moroccan pendant lights are available in a variety of sizes and styles. A cylinder pendant light with silver filigree would be an exquisite addition to a bathroom, bedroom or various other areas throughout your home. Pendant lights with Moroccan influence in their design can add an element of softness or femininity to a modern or contemporary decor.

Moroccan chandelier pendants are great for dining areas, living areas and various other large spaces in your home. These larger pendants feature the same stunning design as smaller pendant lights. They may involve an arrangement of several lights hanging at different lengths. The visual affect this causes is quite mesmerizing.

Do you have a dark corner in your home? If so, all you need to transform that unappealing area of a room into a spectacular eye-catching area is a gorgeous Moroccan pendant light. If you prefer something a little more subdued, you could turn that corner into a relaxing retreat illuminated by a small, but intricately detailed Moroccan lantern or pendant light