Moroccan Light Wall Sconce

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Moroccan Wall Sconce

Moroccan Light Wall Sconce

This is an exquisitely handmade Moroccan light wall sconce. This beautiful and unique piece is made of brass. 

Anywhere you place this piece, its presence will be noted. This gorgeous piece of art is suitable for indoors or for covered outdoor environments; therefore, it can be used as a welcoming piece outside your front door or it can set a beautiful, magical mood for an outdoor covered patio. It could be used to emphasize an overlooked corner in the living room.

Measures: 16" Length and 6" Width.

•Hardwired, ready to be installed

Decoration Style: Moroccan, Boho, Turkish, Farmhouse
Material : Solid Brass
Available Colors : Silver, Gold, Black, Bronze
Lighting Style : Pendant Lamp, Lights Fixture, Chandelier
Suitable for : Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Entryway , Hallway, Foyer, Porch
Interior Design : Residential, Commercial