Moroccan Decor And Its Varieties

4th Oct 2013

When you think of a well designed home you think of color, fabric, materials, lights and objects of decoration completely blended with each other to give an aesthetically pleasing look. Who would not want such an interior of own residence? There are numerous types of home decor ideas and what seems spectacular to one person might not really appeal to another. Therefore, home decor is a matter of preferences, thus personal views and ideas are more important then following a trend while decorating one’s house.

If you desire your home to be exotically furnished, with a high degree of elegance, you could give the Moroccan home decor style a thought. This style embraces elements of mystery, combined with colors that are rich and vibrant.

The Moroccan lights will be strategically located in various points of your home, and components like mosaics and wood pieces which are intricately designed are all included in Moroccan décor style. Modern day home owners are largely opting for Moroccan style of decoration. The Moroccan style blends in traditional and modern concept of decoration in a fabulous way. The country of Morocco itself is a mixture of influences which are blended together, with various cultures influencing the people and land. It is very interestingly situated between the continents of Africa and Europe, as well as between the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. The country actually acts as a passage between these many influences, hence the Moroccan home decor style constitutes of a number of elements from many other countries. The Moroccan home décor style is influenced by Spain, France, Portugal, Africa, Islam, Persia, the Mediterranean, and others. For this reason Moroccan home décor style is unique and is not found else where. The Moroccan furniture and accessories are generally very heavily decorated and festooned, and it primarily consists of very rich and vibrant colors. The Moroccan tables and couches are very appealing and are low in height; they are situated more close to the floor.

Interior Lighting is done in a very different way in Moroccan décor. Even thought very bright and vibrant colors are used for decoration, when it comes to Moroccan home lighting, the focus shifts on lighting which is dim. This is achieved by using Moroccan lamps and colorful glass lamp pendants which include metal or wood decorated designs. Moroccan lamps with a candle inside are used to create a romantic set up which goes well with the Moroccan décor and fragrance at the backdrop.

In addition to the above mentioned you can also find Moroccan leather poufs, bags and other items around the world in different colors and prices. Moroccan poufsare believed to have been existing for a very long time because most of these Moroccans have been practicing sitting on low level poufs for their gatherings since time immemorial. You can find a wide variety of the product the price of which depends on the quality of material used. Most commonly found are those that include the red, champagne, purple, green, gold, brown and tan camel saddle, red and tan camel saddle, black and red, orange and tan leather pouf, black and red, black and white, white, green and white among other fabrics that are being discovered each day.