Moroccan Ceiling Light Chandelier Lamps--3 In 1

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Moroccan Ceiling Light

Moroccan Ceiling Light Chandelier Lamps- 3 in 1

Beautifully handcrafted unique Moroccan style home décor item to compliment and enhance your interior design. Handmade in by talented craftsman, many hours of work were dedicated to hand craft these beautiful lights. It will add a decorative touch and mysterious atmosphere to any room in your home with their amazing shades to your wall.

Our quality control system promises that all Moroccan lamps we produce are always of best quality! This Moroccan ceiling light chandelier lamps comes in silver, gold or black color, to match any interior design or room. It suits every individuals discerning taste.

Each brass lamp from the 3 lamps measures 12" height and 6" diameter, the upper round plate that holds the 3 lamps measures 10" in diameter

  • Accommodates 3 bulbs of E26 base , Max Wattage: 100w each
  • Hardwired, ready to be installed , UL Listed
Decoration Style: Moroccan, Boho, Turkish, Farmhouse
Material : Solid Brass
Available Colors : Silver, Gold, Black, Bronze
Lighting Style : Pendant Lamp, Lights Fixture, Chandelier
Suitable for : Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Entryway , Hallway, Foyer, Porch
Interior Design : Residential, Commercial