Elegant, Exquisite & Exotic Moroccan Lamps From Ekenoz

4th Oct 2013

Moroccan lamps and lanterns are extremely efficient at setting the right mood for each room of your home. They are very effective as décor items too. However, acquiring the most appropriate lighting fixture for each room is an art that is not too common. One easy method to get it right is to approach interior designers who will guide you. Ekenoz is well equipped to bring you myriad lamps and lanterns that you will find irresistible and will also put you in touch with interior designers who are experts in Moroccan décor styles.

Each piece of Moroccan décor is a unique work of art that is intriguing, to say the least. The intricate carvings and elaborate Moorish patterns will stir the hearts of all your visitors for sure. Moroccan lighting fixtures can be found in numerous styles and shapes, and you are sure to find the right one for each room in your home at Ekenoz. That said, these pieces cannot be used as the main source of light. These fixtures are more ornamental than utilitarian in their use

If the rest of the theme in your home is Moroccan, then it is imperative that you invest in some beautifully patterned Moroccan lamps. They are an easy, inexpensive way to bring in an exotic Moorish touch to your rooms and home. These elegant pendant lights or chandeliers are sure to bring in oomph and sophistication to any room and theme. Moroccan furnishings easily lend themselves to traditional as well as contemporary settings. Exquisite detailing in stained glass fragments set in metal frames, these lamps make intriguing shadow patterns on everything surrounding them. The patterns could be floral or geometric. The precision of the patterns and the durability of Moroccan lanterns and lamps are famed throughout the world. Moreover the choices in shapes and styles are almost endless.

At Ekenoz you can find both the kinds that use electrical sources of light as well as those that use candles for light, depending on what you prefer for your home. Each piece of Moroccan lighting is handmade by a skilled craftsman using techniques that have been handed down through many generations. Not having rolled off an assembly line also ensures that your home will look like no other, exuding an authentic Moorish charm. Your visitors and guests are sure to fall in love with your lighting fixtures and will surely want to know where you got them from.