E Kenoz Offers Elegant Moroccan Sconces Which Creates An Excellent Ambience

17th Jan 2014

The term "sconce" is derived from Latin and French word which indicates covered or protected. The lighting of a room creates it’s ambience and that too depends on how the light is projected .The Moroccan Scones offered at E Kenoz do just that, it helps in directing the light upward which keeps the atmosphere of the room calm and comfortable .It is one of the mood setting part of the Moroccan furniture that E Kenoz offers to the world. Sconces were candlestick holders that were managed to light long castle corridors. These days’ scones find their use in modern homes to light up areas with a touch of calm and cool feel.

Moroccan Scones offered at E Kenoz are best suited for bedrooms where people want to relax after a long day and a very bright light is the last thing anybody would want. Also Moroccan Scones offered at E Kenoz are beautifully fitted in bathrooms where rough lighting is not at all welcome more specifically in ladies room where no women would want to see the intensified beauty spot on their face in the mirror. Like the Moroccan lantern, the best use for a Moroccan sconce is to highlight a particular object or for focusing on a one a particular task.

At E Kenoz you will find handmade Moroccan sconces or you can select a stained glass design, which is just as perfect as a handmade one. Moroccan sconces come in variety of shapes like diamond, hexagons, and circles, curvy, triangular. The magic of Moroccan sconce found in E Kenoz is reserved for you to use it on very own wall, while attaching a little bit of art decor to catch the charming eyes. Moroccan sconces at E Kenoz are to be found in different colors and size to suits your unique requirements. At E Kenoz you will find various range of Moroccan home decor which include Moroccan pouf, Moroccan table etc.