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17th Apr 2023

Bring a unique style and luxurious touch to your home with Moroccan interior design. Incorporating exotic colors, intricate patterns, and one-of-a-kind accents can create an inviting atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's the addition of decorative lighting & lamps or accessorizing with signature pieces like poufs and wall hangings, Moroccan interior design is sure to make any space stand out from the rest. Learn how to incorporate this trend into your own living area by exploring benefits of using these elements in our blog post about moroccan interior design!

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Benefits of Moroccan Interior Design

Moroccan interior design is a unique and versatile style that can bring comfort and relaxation to any home. It features vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and luxurious textures that create an inviting atmosphere. Let’s explore the benefits of incorporating this style into your home decor.

Unique Aesthetic: Moroccan interior design has a distinct look that stands out from other styles. Its bold colors, geometric shapes, ornate designs, and intricate details are eye-catching and captivating. Whether you prefer bright jewel tones or muted earthy hues, there is something for everyone in this eclectic style. The combination of these elements creates a stunning visual impact that will transform any room into an exotic oasis.

Versatility: Moroccan interior design is incredibly versatile because it can be used in both traditional and modern homes alike. From contemporary lofts to rustic cabins, this style adds character to any space with its unique blend of old world charm and modern sophistication. You can easily incorporate pieces like lanterns or rugs to add subtle hints of Morocco without overwhelming the room with too much color or pattern.

The comfort and relaxation that Moroccan interior design provides is one of its best qualities. Rich fabrics, combined with vivid colors, create a cozy atmosphere while simultaneously evoking feelings of warmth and serenity. This combination makes guests feel welcome while also providing them with plenty of opportunities for relaxation during their stay.

Moroccan interior design offers homeowners and designers a unique aesthetic, versatility, and comfort that can transform any space into a relaxing oasis. Next we will discuss how to incorporate Moroccan lighting & lamps into your home.


Key Takeaway: Moroccan interior design is a unique and versatile style that can bring comfort and relaxation to any home. It features vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and luxurious textures that create an inviting atmosphere. This eclectic style is perfect for both traditional and modern homes alike as it adds character with its old world charm while providing guests with plenty of opportunities for relaxation.

Incorporating Moroccan Lighting and Lamps

Moroccan lighting and lamps are essential elements for creating a beautiful and inviting space. From pendant lights to wall sconces, there are many types of lighting available in this style. To choose the right pieces for your space, consider the following:

Types of Lighting & Lamps: Moroccan-style lighting can range from intricate metal lanterns to simple geometric shapes with bright colors or subtle patterns. Consider adding a statement piece such as an ornate chandelier or a cluster of small pendants over your dining table. Wall sconces can also be used to provide ambient light while adding visual interest to any room.

Placement Considerations: When placing Moroccan-style lighting, think about how it will interact with other elements in the room like furniture and artwork. For example, if you have an intricately patterned rug on the floor, opt for simpler fixtures that won’t compete with it visually. Similarly, if you have bold wall art hanging nearby, try choosing more muted tones for your lamps so they don’t clash with each other.

Moroccan-style lamps come in a variety of materials, such as brass, copper, wood and glass. These often feature brightly colored accents like turquoise or yellow hues which can add vibrancy to any space. If you prefer something more subtle yet still eye-catching, try opting for neutral shades such as white or grey paired with metallic finishes like gold or silver. This will give off a luxurious feel without being too overwhelming visually speaking.

Adding Moroccan lighting & lamps to your home or office space can create a unique and exotic atmosphere. For more information on how to best incorporate these pieces into your design, read on for placement considerations, color and material options.

Creating a Moroccan-Inspired Room

Creating a Moroccan-Inspired Room is an excellent way to bring a unique and exotic look into your home. To achieve the perfect Moroccan look, it’s important to select furniture that complements the style. Consider adding traditional pieces such as low seating or ottomans for a cozy atmosphere. These pieces often feature intricate carvings and vibrant colors which will help to create an inviting space. Wall decor ideas like tapestries or mirrors can also help to bring out the beauty of this style. Tapestries are especially popular in Morocco and come in many different patterns, sizes, and colors – making them ideal for any room! Mirrors with ornate frames are another great way to add some extra flair while still keeping things subtle.

Flooring options such as tiles or rugs can be used to complete the look of your Moroccan-inspired room. Tiles offer a variety of color options so you can easily find something that matches your existing décor perfectly! Rugs are also popular choices when it comes to flooring in Morocco; they provide warmth and comfort while still looking stylish at the same time! When selecting rugs, opt for ones with bold patterns and bright colors – these will really make your space stand out from the rest!

By incorporating these elements into your design scheme, you can create an authentic Moroccan feel without having to travel all the way there. With just a few simple changes, you will have created an exotic oasis right in your own home that both you and guests will enjoy spending time in.

Creating a Moroccan-inspired room is an exciting way to add unique style and personality to your home. Now let's explore some ideas for wall decor, furniture selection, and flooring options that will help you create the perfect look.

Key Takeaway: Creating a Moroccan-inspired room is an easy way to bring exotic beauty into your home. Incorporate traditional pieces such as low seating and ottomans, tapestries or mirrors for wall decor, and tiles or rugs for flooring. With these elements you can create an authentic atmosphere without having to travel all the way there!

Tips for Accessorizing with Moroccan Style Elements

Accessorizing with Moroccan style elements is a great way to bring an exotic, luxurious feel to any room. Textiles and fabrics are the perfect choice for adding texture and color to your space. Consider curtains or throws in vibrant colors like reds, oranges, and yellows that will instantly brighten up the area. Pillows can also be used to provide extra comfort while still staying true to the theme. Look for ones with intricate embroidery or tassels for a truly authentic look.

Artwork and mirrors are another great way of incorporating Moroccan style into your home decor. Hang framed prints depicting scenes from Morocco or opt for ornate mirror frames that feature intricate carvings or metal detailing. These pieces will add depth and character to any wall while still maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout the space.

Finally, do not forget about small accessories such as trinkets, vases, baskets and lanterns which can really tie together all of these elements in one harmonious design scheme. Choose items made from materials like brass or copper which have been traditionally used in Moroccan interiors since ancient times; they will add an air of authenticity while being incredibly stylish. With these tips you can create a beautiful interior inspired by this unique culture without compromising on quality or comfort - enjoy!

Adding Moroccan style elements to your home is a great way to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. To achieve the look, consider using textiles and fabrics, pillows and throws, artwork and mirrors. Read on for more tips!

Finishing Touches for the Perfect Moroccan Look

Plants and Greenery are a great way to bring life into your Moroccan-inspired space. Whether you opt for real plants or artificial ones, they will help create an inviting atmosphere that is full of warmth and texture. Place potted plants around the room, hang some from the ceiling, or use wall planters to add greenery in unexpected places. For a more subtle touch, incorporate natural elements like branches and dried flowers into your decor.

Rugs and carpets are essential when it comes to creating a Moroccan look. Choose rugs with intricate patterns in vibrant colors such as reds, oranges, blues and greens for maximum impact. Layering different sized rugs can also be used to define different areas within your space while adding depth and texture at the same time. If you prefer something more subtle then consider using neutral colored carpets instead which will still provide plenty of comfort without overpowering the rest of your decor.

Accessories and accents are key to achieving a perfect Moroccan look. Incorporate trays with colorful designs, vases filled with fresh flowers or dried herbs for an extra pop of color and texture, mirrors strategically placed around the room to reflect light back into dark corners, and lanterns hung from ceilings or walls for added ambiance after dark hours arrive.

Adding Moroccan-style lighting and lamps to the mix is the perfect way to complete your Moroccan look. Rugs and carpets are another important element for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in any room.

Modern Moroccan Decor Ideas

FAQs in Relation to Moroccan Interior Design

What is Moroccan style in interior design?

Moroccan style in interior design is a vibrant and eclectic mix of cultural influences from North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. It combines bright colors with intricate patterns to create an exotic atmosphere that is both bold and inviting. Moroccan-style furniture often features ornate carvings or metalwork, while walls are adorned with colorful tiles or textured wallpapers. Lighting fixtures such as lanterns, chandeliers, and sconces add to the overall effect by creating dramatic shadows on walls and ceilings. The combination of these elements creates a unique look that can bring any room to life!

What is the Moroccan design called?

The Moroccan design is often referred to as Moorish, or Moorish-style. It is a style of architecture and interior design that originated in North Africa during the Islamic Golden Age. Characterized by intricate geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and ornate decorations, this style has become popular in many parts of the world today. The use of curved arches, domes, columns with capitals decorated with foliage designs are common features of Moroccan lighting & lamps. Other elements such as filigree work on metal surfaces and painted tiles can also be seen in these products.

What colors are used in Moroccan decor?

Moroccan decor typically features bright, vibrant colors. Commonly used hues include deep reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens. These colors are often combined with white or neutral tones to create a balanced palette that is both eye-catching and inviting. Gold accents can also be seen in Moroccan decor for added glamour and luxury. All of these colors work together to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that is characteristic of traditional Moroccan style.

How do you style a Moroccan bedroom?

A Moroccan bedroom should be styled with warm colors, intricate patterns, and plenty of texture. Rich jewel tones such as reds, blues, and greens are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. Incorporate traditional Moroccan textiles like kilims or suzanis to add color and pattern to the walls or bedding. Add layers of rugs in different sizes for an inviting look. Finally, complete the look with some beautiful lighting fixtures that feature ornate details like filigree or tassels - this will bring an authentic touch to your space!


With the right lighting, furniture, and accessories, you can create an inviting space that will make all of your guests feel welcome. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, Moroccan interior design has something for everyone. Don't forget to incorporate Moroccan lighting & lamps into your design scheme - they are sure to be a showstopper! With these tips in mind, you'll have no trouble creating the perfect moroccan interior design look in no time!

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