Top Three Ways to Insult your Moroccan Coffee Table

Top Three Ways to Insult your Moroccan Coffee Table

2nd Mar 2015

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Now, now. Before you begin rolling your eyes at the post title, ask yourself this: “Do I understand the perils of being a Moroccan coffee table?” Do you?

For one, everyone just assumes Moroccan coffee tables to be lavishly overpriced. Just because they're beautifully shaped, richly colored, intricately patterned and oh-so-gorgeous, they're inaccurately considered uneconomical as well. That's not fair, is it?

And this doesn't even begin to cover what your Moroccan coffee tables have to go through. Other pieces of furniture (sometimes even the artwork hanging on the wall) in the room often blame your Moroccan coffee table for stealing their thunder. Furthermore, they inadvertently become the reason why your neighbors turn green with jealousy, or consider you unreasonably extravagant.

The problems just don't stop! Your Moroccan coffee tables in fact, faceall the perils of being popular, just like you or the “it” girl faced, back at school. And it gets worse. Intentionally or unintentionally, most owners end up adding insult to the injury by using their Moroccan coffee tables just as, well, coffee tables!

Remember, they're not just coffee tables. They're Moroccan coffee tables!

You hurt your Moroccan coffee table by:

1.Not using it as a centerpiece

Sure, a coffee table is meant to be a complement to other furniture in your living room. But your Moroccan coffee table is meant to be more. Place it smack dab in the center of your room and watch it glow in the limelight!

2.Not trusting its capabilities to hold things other than coffee

Why don't you use it as a general multipurpose table? You can showcase home décor accessories like keepsakes, vessels, indoor plants, table lamps, photo frames and so much more by placing them on these multitasking little tables. Don't just leave it there, alone in the corner when guests arrive. Use it to set out cards, crisps, drinks and snacks for the group. Similarly, use it during family gatherings and game nights.

3.Not using it in the kids' room

Your kids need a low table every time they want to host their own tea party, make drawings, do some painting, or simply play with their toy collection. Give your Moroccan coffee table the pleasure of meeting their needs and make everyone happy.

Do you know of more ways to honor your Moroccan coffee table? Let us know!