Three Ways to Style Your Moroccan Tables

Posted by Hussein Gouda on 10th Dec 2014

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Don’t we all wish to have the most talked about home in the neighborhood? What if achieving the objective is as simple as styling your Moroccan tables the right way? Yes! You can now impress your guests with just a few simple tricks revolving around your Moroccan tables, which could change the look of your home interiors in a huge way. Below are three unique ways to style your Moroccan tables:

1. Your Moroccan coffee table may be the focal point of your room and you may not want it to look clustered with utilities or unnecessary items. Make it aesthetically appealing by placing things with varying heights such as coffee table albums/books and using a distinct color scheme. Not only does it add more character to your coffee table, but also gives the guests the opportunity to pick out any books that they might like to borrow or browse through.

2. Another interesting addition to your Moroccan coffee table could be a combination of small boxes and bowls. These colorful items help you organize tiny things, which might be scattered all over the coffee table. They also look beautiful placed on the table, while allowing you to play with a variety of colors as well as textures.

3. Moroccan coffee tables can also be styled with a variety of China cutlery or art pieces. Designers prefer coffee tables which are more contemporary rather than antique. Your coffee table can catch all the attention in the room if you place some glass bottles on it, all in similar color shades and the same material. The shapes should however, be different. You will find that they reflect the filtered light in the room making it look spacious and inviting.