Smart Tips To Make Your Interiors Look Classy

5th Mar 2014

Classy means to be elegant, stylish, and lovely; therefore, if you want your home to be ‘classy’ then every corner of your home should reflect elegance and class. Often, people think that to give their homes a touch of class they have to spend money lavishly, but actually, this isn’t true. There are some smart tricks that everyone can use to give their home an elegant look. So, read on to find out some ways to transform your home into an uber classy home.

  • Lighting: Just simple changes in your lighting can do wonders to your home. Get rid of those harsh lamps in your house and grab a few sets of wall-mounted lamps. You may also use beautiful Moroccan lamps and chandeliers which have been an inseparable element of Moroccan Home Décor.
  • Curtains: To give your home classy touch, try unique drapery ideas. You can go for a minimal drapery pattern to cover your windows but, if you want a grand look then you can use elaborate curtains.
  • Use Mirrors: ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’. As a kid you must have read stories of palaces, queens and princesses. What they all had in common was big mirrors in their rooms. Having big mirrors in your home not just instantly brightens up your interiors, but also adds an illusion of space in it.
  • Furniture: When it comes to home décor, your furniture type is what decides the overall look of your home. Even if you don’t like to go overboard with furniture, just by having one elegant piece of furniture in your room, you can do wonders to your interiors. For example: Having an intricately carved Moroccan coffee table in the center of your room instantly jazzes up your interiors by lending it a regal character.
  • Decorate with simple yet elegant things: A beautiful, elegant home is one that shows that it is loved and well thought of. Stay away from gaudy looks, or overly minimalistic kind of decorating. The key is stringent selection. Depending on the space you have, select a couple of favorite things that give you great memories and your home an elegant charm.

Your home speaks volumes about your personality; therefore, if you want your home to reflect elegance, all you have to do is follow these simple tips and get beautiful Moroccan Home décor items such as Moroccan side table, Moroccan lighting, and Moroccan poufs from Ekenoz.