Moroccan Style-A true Statement For Your Home

17th Jan 2014

Nothing will help you make a style statement like the Moroccan style will. This style exudes exoticism and elegance and lets you display your personal touch both in the unique items and also in the way you arrange each item. Using Moroccan home decor and Moroccan furniture it becomes easy to set whatever mood you are aiming for your guests. It could be an exotic, romantic setup or a warm and cozy arrangement making them extremely comfortable. Moroccan furniture uses sturdy raw material like metal, wood and ceramic and hence is highly durable and is very sturdy. Hence whatever pieces of furniture or furnishings you will invest in will last for many years retaining their shape, almost without any signs of wear and tear.

If you have ever wondered why Moroccan furniture uses vibrant shades or where they get their inspiration from, here’s one plausible explanation for you. Morocco is situated in North Africa, where the sun is extremely hot and powerful. So the people of Morocco recreate the beauty of nature indoors in the form of a lively oasis that can be enjoyed away from the heat. Moroccan furniture and accessories are heavily adorned, and use rich, vibrant colors. Potted plants also play an important role in a proper Moroccan setup. Moroccan lamps and other types of Moroccan lighting are carefully placed for gentle lighting effects to complete the idyllic indoor oasis. The colors used are of course drawn from the Moroccan countryside. The crystal blue ocean waters and the golden sand of the desert, the orange sky at sunset and the red sky just before sunrise are marvelous sources of inspiration to the skilled artisans who use generation old techniques in their craftsmanship. They use various kinds of material to achieve different creative looks and feels. Their mosaics and motifs are unique. Since each is handmade, there are no two pieces of décor or furniture that are exactly alike. This is what makes Moroccan style décor so very unique.

Whether you want to completely redecorate your home or just add a few exotic and unique touches, here and there, is totally up to you. Your imagination and creativity, and, of course, your budget are the only constraints to how well you can make a style statement with your home. Then again, the budget is not a great restraint, since these amazing pieces of furniture and furnishings are available in different price ranges too. So go ahead and make your home your style statement!