Moroccan Décor Essentials

12th Oct 2014

Moroccan Décor Essentials

If you're looking at doing up a space with a Moroccan inspired décor, you want to think opulence - inelements, patterns and textures,when you're going Moroccan furniture wholesale shopping! Moroccan-inspired interiors typically have elaborately embellished and vibrantly colored furnishings. It's anything but minimalistic, so you don't have to hold yourself back or think about overdoing it. Here is a look at some essentials that you need to keep in mind will giving a space a Moroccan appeal.

Moroccan fabrics

Interiors with Moroccan décor are incomplete without fabrics. Hand woven fabrics are often hung casually on the walls as individual décor pieces or combined with Moroccan side tables . Any carpets, rugs or blankets that are lain out are usually in vibrant shades. While there are no set rules on how to choose Moroccan fabrics, you could try looking at ones that are an elegant mish-mash of colors and textures. Embellishments like sequins and embroidered patterns are a welcome choice too!

Moroccan lighting

Lighting fixtures act as the centerpiece of a Moroccan-inspired room, while they can also bring the various elements together when done right. The lighting is something that you want to look at as the last step of doing up the interiors. If you look closely at Moroccan-inspired spaces you'll find that you almost always have a cluster of quaintly shaped lanterns or lamps huddled together, hanging from the ceiling. You can even have an opulent Moroccan ceiling light at the center of the room, as you please. Tinted glass lighting fixtures clamped to the walls at odd intervals through the length of the room and statement light stands that rest on the floor, are other ideas that you could use. Glass, metal, fabric, organic lighting, don't hesitate to experiment with the various warm lighting choices that are available.

Moroccan patterns

Moroccan mosaic patterns are arguably some of the best examples of intricate artwork. Traditional patterns can be used to add lavish detailing to the different elements in a Moroccan-inspired space. You could have one pattern running along the wall tiles, and a different one for the fabrics. You can also opt for a different mosaic detailing as you move from one room to the other, gradually transforming from the entrance way. Some places where you could look at including these Moroccan mosaic patterns include, a strip that runs across the walls, around the fireplace, the perimeter of the windowsill or the ceiling. Make sure it subtly enhances the other décor elements without overpowering them.

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