How to Shower Fine, Awe-Inspiring Lighting in your Home in Easy Steps

How to Shower Fine, Awe-Inspiring Lighting in your Home in Easy Steps

22nd Dec 2014

Eclectic Entry by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Baiyina Hughley Interior Design

How to Shower Fine, Awe-Inspiring Lighting in your Home in Easy Steps

Your house and furniture make two of the three most expensive things you're going to purchase in your lifetime. Quick, what is the third item? If you're a regular reader, you may have already guessed it. Yes, it's a car.

Together, house, car and furniture are the biggest money-draining purchases of the average citizen. Makes sense therefore, to make those purchases worth while, right? While you know best how to sweeten up your ride, we know how you can sweeten up the other two purchases – Moroccan style lighting fixtures!

Intricate, hand-crafted and fascinating – Moroccan style lighting fixtures give your house and furniture the WOW they deserve

Accent lighting is quite the nifty way of drawing attention toward the focal points of your home and all your favorite assets inside it. It helps you define a style for your home and set the mood. It helps you create a wonderful composition of layers, direction and flow to the entire space.

This is because lighting matters. Just as you look good under proper lighting, your home and furniture look good when surrounded by the right kind of lighting. Without the correct lighting, all architectural details, great furniture, artwork and other focal points fail to make any impression. You can update your furniture or interiors all you want, but without a lighting plan that works, they're all going to fall flat.

Now you can argue, why use Moroccan style lighting fixtures only? Why not ordinary lights? While there's no rule that you must use Moroccan lighting, it does provide some very distinct advantage over ordinary lights.

The biggest of these advantages is that Moroccan style lighting fixtures are as beautiful and enchanting themselves, as the augmenting effects they produce throughout your house, portico, garden and garage.

So not only do you get stunning, awe-inspiring lighting, you also get stunning, awe-inspiring lights. It's twice the beauty at your home!

Plus, designing your own Moroccan lighting plan is easy.

To commission splendid, high-end lighting at your home, simply ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I mixing and matching right?

A great lighting plan is one where each piece of Moroccan light is assigned a specific point of focus. It's all about matching the source of light and the focal point. Strategically placing a Moroccan chandelier over your grand dining table, or a sleek and colorful Moroccan pendant light over an antique brass table will help you bring out the best in the two tables respectively.

  1. Am I being creative enough?

Instead of following the “norms” of lighting – follow your gut and do what it tells you to. How about a Moroccan pendant light instead of a reading lamp? How about a Moroccan chandelier in your master bathroom? Light unexpected places always works.

  1. Am I adding layers to my plan?

You need to have three layers at the very least – 1) overhead lighting (Moroccan chandeliers are hands down the best option!), 2) task lighting (say a Moroccan pendant light on the bedside table), and 3) accent lighting above strategic architectural elements, artwork and furniture. In the third category you can be as creative as you want. Maybe use modern Moroccan lighting near a modern artwork and traditional Moroccan wall sconce above interesting architectural elements.