How to Give your Room a Morrocan Feel

11th Sep 2014

A Moroccan themed décor can transform a plain, boring room into an exotic desert oasis. If classic Moroccan design elements like Moroccan chandeliers or rich fabrics pique your interest, you could try doing up your room with these ideas.

Moroccan lighting fixtures

Lighting is one of the first things that you’re bound to notice in any Moroccan themed room. Carefully crafted with intricate patterns and detailing, these lighting fixtures swing from clear lanterns to stained glass chandeliers. When the light pours through the colored glass appliques and cutout patterns, an unreal canopy fills the room. Low lighting fixtures and many candles (preferably scented candles, with fragrances in jasmine or herbs), with a statement lantern hung at the corner of your room might give it the Moroccan ambiance that you’re looking for.

Color themes

Do up your room in rich colors that remind you of Marrakech's souks. Warm colors or smoky shades work well with this theme. You can draw ideas and inspirations for the wallpaper from Moroccan markets, replete with spices in saffron, red and gold.

Fabrics and curtains

Fabrics are a big part of the Moroccan theme too! You can have loose fabrics draped casually around various elements in your room. You can even play around with the textures of the fabric, using light sheer fabrics as canopies on the bed or canvas-like fabrics on Moroccan tables. While choosing curtains, opt for ones that have elaborate patterns and textures. Patterns like polka dots or floral prints don't sit well with Moorish themes. Also, make sure they're long enough to touch the floors, even if the windows don't match up length-wise. Thick carpets and rugs can add a nice finishing touch to your room!


Low seating is something you might want to consider while choosing the furniture. Also, furniture in dark wood hues are a signature aesthetic of Moroccan decor. Mosaic patterns, carvings and metal embellishments are the attributes you want to look for in the furniture. Choose from reliable Moroccan furniture wholesale vendors for authentic good-quality pieces for your room.


The little knick knacks that you throw in can nicely tie together the Moroccan look for your room. For instance, you could have trays with fruit or tangerine lain out on the furniture. It helps if you could lay out some antique souvenirs around your room in a casual manner. Cushions are another must. You can never have too many cushions when you're giving your room a Moroccan makeover.