Enjoy Traditional Moroccan Cuisine While Sitting on Moroccan Furniture

9th Apr 2014

In Morocco, some of the best traditional cuisine is easily accessible to those who are visiting. One of the nation’s most cherished traditions is drinking mint tea. This tradition plays an important role in the social lives of most Moroccans. No matter where you choose to sip your tea, most likely your server will approach you with a large teapot and pour your tea from a foot above the cup to create a thin layer of foam.

The biggest meal of the day for Moroccans is lunch. Typically, the meal begins around noon and lasts for several hours. Lunch is then followed by a nap. Your meal will likely consist of savory roasted lamb and couscous mixed with pine nuts and spices. Morocco is known for a rich-flavored slow-cooked stew called tagine. Though there are many varieties to this dish, it will typically consist of meats and vegetables and flavored with a tasty combination of traditional spices.

If you hold a fondness for soups, then you must try Moroccan harira. This appetizer is quite famous and will serve your appetite ideally. The base recipe calls for flour, tomatoes, lentils and chickpeas. This soup is usually served with hard-boiled eggs sprinkled with a dash of cumin. Dates and other dried fruits are also served with harira.

If you are beginning to feel hungry, then we did our job well. If you cannot visit Morocco and sample the cuisine in person, there is no reason you cannot find these recipes and make them on your own. To add that touch of authenticity, decorate your dining room with selections of our fine Moroccan furniture.