Don’t Think Buying Moroccan Furniture is Enough to Call Your Decorating Efforts a Completed Task

Posted by Madwriter on 31st Jul 2014

So, you decided you want to decorate your bedroom in a Moroccan style. We heartily agree this is a good idea, though we all know it was your wife’s idea in the first place. And don’t think buying Moroccan furniture is enough to call your efforts a completed task. There is just one small problem, you have no idea how to decorate a Moroccan themed bedroom, you don’t even know where to start. In fact, you aren't even sure where Morocco is located. We can help. Since you obviously never paid attention in your geography classes, go ahead and discover a bit about Morocco by utilizing Google, it will help to have some background on the culture.

The first step to creating a Moroccan themed bedroom is to paint all the walls in warm colors. In order to get that exotic, rich Moroccan feeling, you will need to pick out warm and smoky shades. Spices make for good inspiration. Think about colors like saffron golds and cinnamon reds. And don’t paint all four walls the same color, mix it up a bit and have fun with it.

In a room full of such wonderful and rich colors, a white ceiling not only sticks out like a sore thumb, it just looks boring. Choose a color that is similar to one of the wall colors. That is, if you have a cheery red as one of your wall colors, perhaps you should paint your ceiling a light rosy color. And don't forget to paint the moulding. In the end, your bedroom will look great and your wife will be pleased.