Bring the Timeless Romance Of Rick and Ilsa (Yes, Casablanca!) To Your Bedroom

Bring the Timeless Romance Of Rick and Ilsa (Yes, Casablanca!) To Your Bedroom

16th Jan 2015

What is it about the city Casablanca that makes everyone fall in love? Talk of the city and you're instantly reminded of the whirlwind and oh-so-magical romance between Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund. Who can forget that?

Casablanca is in fact, the world's favorite romantic movie. And not without good reason! The 1943 classic, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman went on to win the prestigious Academy Awards (Oscars) in three categories and remains a chart-topper in international lists of greatest films ever made.

It is unarguably one of the most romantic movies of all time – one that transformed the Moroccan city of Casablanca into an international symbol of romance. And from the mystic labyrinth-like streets of this city come some fine pieces of Moroccan home décor, hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen into dreamy patterns that spell the magic of fun and playful romance.

So here's an idea – why not bring this spirited romance into your bedroom with exotic Moroccan home décor?

The rich, warm, “spicy” colors (cinnamon red or saffron gold) create an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Long, heavy curtains, plush rugs, mood-lighting lamps, silky and velvety fabric and playful cushions allow you to rekindle the magic of Casablanca in your own room.

Interested? Here are a few suggestions for your bedroom :

ØStart with picking wall colors and lighting for the room. Moroccan lighting fixtures in general work great. You can choose between a Moroccan chandelier or a Moroccan wall sconce.

ØNext, choose a Moroccan-inspired furnishing fabric for the drapes, curtains and bedpost enhancements. Gold oriental and gold Arabesque patterns will go well with the heavy colors on the walls. Choose rugs to match the drapes. You can also add some window screens to keep light out and create a mysterious air in the room.

ØNow pick some cushion covers to give your cushions a Moroccan touch. Hand-stitched ones provide the perfect mix of aesthetics and comfort. The bed is done. Let's move to accessories.

ØMoroccan side tables, especially the Moroccan brass tables are a must! Not only are they elegantly beautiful but incredibly handy. You can tuck away several things out of sight into the table.

ØChoose a full-frame Moroccan wood mirror or dresser that looks just as beautiful as your reflection in it. And top the room with some plush wall hangings and a large photograph of the two of you, framed in exotic Moroccan frames.

And viola! You've built a room where romance will last forever!