An Ode to the Gorgeous, Gorgeous Moroccan Poufs

An Ode to the Gorgeous, Gorgeous Moroccan Poufs

15th Dec 2014

Eclectic Family Room by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Lucy Interior Design

Don't you just love these adorable little Moroccan poufs? They are as cute as Moroccan furniture get. Also, they are as versatile as home accessories get! Think about it – how many pieces of furniture can add instant charm and character just by sitting in the room. Or, how many pieces of accessories can double as a make-shift coffee table one day and then a comfy footstool for you tired feet the next?

Not many right? So whether you want to enchant guests with a pop of warm Moroccan designs and solid colors, or you want an accessory that can function as an extra chair (and frankly, several other things!) - Moroccan poufs are undoubtedly the only way to go!

And just where should you place your Moroccan poufs?

Everywhere! There's no such thing as too much love, too much chocolate or too much Moroccan pouf. There really isn't! This will be clear to you the day you buy your first Moroccan pouf. And then, before you know it, you're buying the second, the fourth or the seventh gorgeous Moroccan pouf. (We have a friend who has 12 poufs in total! Frankly, that's the dream.)

Here are ways to use them:

1.Place a black Moroccan leather pouf next to the daybed. It will be your nightstand andyour foot rest.

2.Place a pair of square Moroccan poufs by the side of your Moroccan table – coffee table or your Moroccan brass table for the kids to sit comfortably. Warning: the adults are going to want to sit on those poufs too!

3.Place a sturdy rectangular pouf near a nursing chair to give your feet some rest and pampering.

4.Put two color-coordinated poufs under your Moroccan chandelier or the Moroccan wall sconce to create an alluring vignette. This is because Moroccan lights and lighting fixtures create beautiful patterns on surrounding walls and furniture.

5.And leave a pair (or two) in the family room, for extra seating options. Placing them near the fireplace is another good idea!