An Intricately Carved Moroccan Side Table will Add Atmosphere even as it Serves a Utilitarian Purpose

6th May 2014

The cuisine of this culturally diverse country presents a flavor of colors and textures. This is sure to inspire lush dining room decor. Bring Moroccan furniture into your home and create a feast for your senses. This is how it is done.

Let’s start by painting the walls of your dining room with rich colors. You can opt for cool colors such as a brilliant blue or turquoise, or settle for warmth with colors like sunset red or bright orange. We also suggest you utilize ready-made stencils to customize your dining room. A repeating pattern on one wall will surely set off the entire room.

If you choose a Moroccan themed dining room, it will serve you well to include romantic window treatments. Create a subtle effect with white or cream colored curtains that will drench the room with light. You can, however, opt to go bold with a color scheme that compliments the richly painted walls.

Lighting will go a long way in bringing the feel of Morocco into your dining room. Options include a contemporary Moroccan chandelier or perhaps an exquisite Moroccan sconce. Other accessories that will contribute to this theme include tiles featuring Moroccan colors utilized as resting places for drinks. A patterned rug under the dining room table is a must.

Moroccan furniture is the final feature to round out your Moroccan style dining room. An intricately carved Moroccan side table will add atmosphere even as it serves a utilitarian purpose. Armchairs with wide seats suits this look and style. Even if you opt to use your existing furniture, spice them up with imported cushions to transform your chairs to suit your new theme.  

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