Silver Plated Brass Moroccan Pendant Light

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Pendant Lighting Lamp

If you feel your home is boring and needs a glamorous makeover then pick this silver plated brass Moroccan hanging lamp and bring life to your home.  This lamp will add a great value to your place and make the atmosphere romantic by reflecting amazing shades to your wall with a warm soft glow. This beautiful Moroccan lamp is made of high quality brass and it is available in different sizes.

This means you have an option to choose the one which fits best to your room. It can be customized and adapted to any imagination, form or function, so, whether you are more inclined towards Moroccan interior design or contemporary interiors, this handmade Moroccan Lamp will surely win you over. This product could be a primary light in your living room or can be used as an accessory lighting for your Moroccan home décor.

Measures: 10" tall and 16" wide


color : silver