Moroccan Table Lantern Lamp Lighting

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Moroccan Table Lantern

Moroccan Table Lantern Lamp Lighting

Beautifully handcrafted Moroccan table lantern lamp lighting. This unique piece of art is made of high quality brass and give an extra touch to any interior design. The brass is cut, pierced with extreme finesse by our master craftsman to ensure every creation suits your discerning taste.

Handcrafted by talented craftsmen, this unique Moroccan table lantern will reflect amazing shades of light on your wall. Our Moroccan table lanterns are handcrafted by experts who spend many hours of dedicated work to create exquisite piece of art which is guaranteed to enhance the beauty of your home décor.

Our quality control system promises that all Moroccan table lanterns we produce are always of best quality!

Measures: 12" Height and 6" Width.

Mesmerize your guests by our gorgeous pieces of Moroccan table lantern today

  • Accommodates one bulb of E26 base , Max Wattage: 100w
Decoration Style: Moroccan, Boho, Turkish, Farmhouse
Material : Solid Brass
Available Colors : Silver, Gold, Black, Bronze
Lighting Style : Pendant Lamp, Lights Fixture, Chandelier
Suitable for : Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Entryway , Hallway, Foyer, Porch
Interior Design : Residential, Commercial

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