Silver Moroccan Pouf

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Silver Moroccan Pouf

Silver Moroccan Pouf

With a wide range of Moroccan leather poufs to choose from, you would not need to look anywhere else. This beautiful piece of Moroccan pouf in silver is made of high quality faux leather and would be ideal for people who would like to add a new piece of Moroccan furniture to their classic bedroom or living room. It will be well suited to most common forms of house décor; besides, it will also be very comfortable to take rest after a day’s hard work.

It can be used for low-seating arrangements around a table or a living room set. The silver leather creates a festive piece of Moroccan home decor. Great soft leather, comfortable, great workmanship and very elegant.

The poof comes unstuffed; the poof has a zipper in the bottom so you can stuff it with old used clothes, any fabric and old towels.

Measures: 18" Diameter and 13" height