Moroccan Leather Pouf Footstool- Pair

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Moroccan Poufs


Moroccan Leather Pouf Footstool- Pair

Unique and modern pair of handcrafted Moroccan style ottoman pouf with amazing traditional Moroccan designs. The leather pouffes are essential elements of the traditional oriental furniture. This Moroccan style ottoman pouf can be used to sit around a food table, in the tents and so on. It can also be used to decorate Arabic and occidental lounges. This beautiful piece of Moroccan leather pouf is handmade from high quality soft leather. This Moroccan leather pouf is comfy for extra seating or a footstool.

This beautiful piece of art will be shipped unstuffy, has a zipper at the bottom that makes the filling very easy. It can be filled with anything soft or an old cloth, soft fiber or packing peanuts.

Measures: 20" Diameter and 10" high.