Moroccan Handing Lantern Islamic-Style

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Islamic hanging lamp

Unique handcrafted Islamic hanging Lantern. It is made of solid brass with silver plated finish by a talented craftsman. It has an Islamic Arabic calligraphy engraved in the brass which creates an exotic touch to any home decor. Many hours of work were dedicated to handicraft this decorative piece of art.

This beautiful piece of art can be easily hanged from the ceiling or anywhere from wall!

This Islamic hanging lantern is suitable for indoors decoration, therefore it can be used as a welcoming piece outside your front door or it can set a beautiful, magical mood for an outdoor covered patio. It could be used to emphasize an overlooked corner in the living room.

Measures: 14" Height (without the chains) and 8" diameter.

Add a little flair to your home today with this new and traditional Islamic hanging lantern


•Chain included
•Ceiling cup included
•Hardwired, ready to be installed