Moroccan Faux Leather Pouf

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Moroccan Faux Leather Pouf


Moroccan Faux Leather Pouf

A beautifully handcrafted with high-quality faux leather Moroccan pouf. This Moroccan leather pouf has created a brand name among all households due to its comfy nature. Each leather pouf is made off exquisite soft leather with hand dyed and individual pieces are sewn together which shows the expert craftsmanship. This pouf have marked an immediate presence in all households as it represents an status mark as well as for onlookers it’s an eye catchy looks.

This Moroccan leather pouf come inflated so it also gives you an option to fill whatever you want at the bottom of the pouf to make it more comfortable for your use. The pouf will be shipped unfilled.

Measures: 18" Diameter and 12" height