Antique Syrian Mother of Pearl Wood Coffee Table

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Antique syrian Table

Antique Syrian Mother Of Pearl Wood Coffee & Tea Table

If you are looking for your home to be something out of the ordinary so that visitors would find it interesting and appealing, then this Antique Syrian Mother Of Pearl Wood Coffee & Tea Table surely needs to be part of your home decor. This exotic and extremely elegant handcrafted walnut Moroccan style coffee & tea table is inlaid with 100 % natural mother of pearl shells intertwined with thin metal strands.

This piece of unique Moroccan style furniture is delicately made by highly skilled artisans from Egypt working with intricate carvings of Arabic Designs in solid walnut furniture. Mother of Pearl inlays is added to accentuate each piece. This beautiful table has a timeless, delicate finish which is designed to compliment and enhance your home interior design.

This table measures -19" (48 cm) Tall and 16" wide (40cm )