20 pieces of Moroccan Candle Lantern

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Candle Lantern

20 pieces of Moroccan Candle Lantern

Beautifully handcrafted Moroccan candle lantern. The heavenly glow of candlelight emanates from the brass panes cut-outs of this charming candle lantern will drop an amazing shades on your wall. Simply add a candle for a hypnotic display of light and shadow!

This Moroccan candle lantern is a great and unique option for outdoor lighting on patios and in pool areas. It will also be perfect as a table decoration in a Moroccan theme wedding. Our quality control system promises that all Moroccan candle lanterns we produce are always of best quality!

Measures: 5" diameter .

Create that Moroccan lounge vibe in your Moroccan themed party with this gorgeous hand crafted Moroccan candle lantern at attractive price!