2 Moroccan Middle Eastern Brass Wall Lanterns

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moroccan wall lamp

2 Moroccan Middle Eastern Brass Wall Sconce Lamp

Installing Moroccan sconce in your house is a great way to provide general lighting and accent your current décor. So, if you want to add some magic to your Moroccan home décor and brighten up your space, then this Moroccan wall lamp sconce should definitely be your pick. This alluring piece of art is made of the best quality brass and hence, comes with a promise of great durability.

Each piece is intricately handcrafted by Middle Eastern artisans who are well known world over for their unique art. Installing this Moroccan lamp or wall sconce will provide light in beautiful patterns and complement existing light in almost any room, without taking up precious floor space. This sconce will allow light to escape only from openings in the metal, which produces a dramatic visual effect. So, use them along hallways, staircases or in your bed room to create a soothing ambience.

This regal piece looks best when installed in pair, and will be a perfect addition to your Moroccan style décor.


16” tall and 8”wide