2 Embossed Moroccan Leather Poufs Footstool

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Embossed Moroccan Leather Poufs Footstool


2 Embossed Moroccan Leather Poufs Footstool

Soothing and Sophisticated, the Moroccan embossed leather pouf is a fun way to elegant any home décor with a touch of Moroccan style. This beautiful Moroccan pouf made out of high-quality embossed leather, is handcrafted in Egypt. Individual pieces of leather are dyed to perfection, and then stitched together to make it durable. This hand-crafted Moroccan leather pouf makes a great footstool. The pouf has a soft finish for maximum comfort.

This beautiful piecew ill be shipped unfilled; it has a zipper on the bottom that makes the filling very easy. It can be filled with soft foam, old clothes, fiber filling, cotton bating. This unique style of Moroccan pouf can be easily used for different purposes - for seating, as a footstool, as a small table, or just as part of the room design, because they look very nice.

Measures: 20" wide and 8" high.